EP-Techno Co., Ltd.

We are...

  1. A company of EPS group, specialized for EDC trials
  2. A professional group providing best solutions to clinical trials with up to date information technologies
  3. A Japanese company with a vision of global standards

Corporate Information

Corporate Profile
Corporate Name EP-Techno Co., Ltd.
Head Office 9F, 1-8 Tsukudo-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0821
Capital JPY100,000,000.
(100% funded by EPS Holdings, Inc.)
Established March 23, 2006
(Start of Business: April 3, 2006)
Membership Supporting Member of
Japan CRO Association (JCROA)
The Board Members
Representative Director Junbo Song
Board Member Hisashi Tanaka
Board Member Takehisa Yamada
Board Member Itsutaro Maki
Board Member Masahiro Hayashi
Board Member Akira Sasa
Board Member Yasuo Ohashi
Statutory Auditor Masami Ito
Corporate Officer
President and Representative Corporate Officer
  Junbo Song
Chairman and Corporate Officer Hisashi Tanaka
Managing Corporate Officer Itsutaro Maki
Corporate Officer Masahiro Hayashi
Corporate Officer Masahiko Arai
Corporate Officer Mari Mizukami